Try These Amazing Argostoli bus timetable -Trips from Argostoli, Kefalonia

Hi Holly, I am not sure how many stops the bus will do on its way to Fiskardo but I think 1 hour from Ag.Efimia to Fiskardo is a good guess. The bus stop is above Fiskardo, only a minute or two from the harbour. There is a bus stop at Xi beach, no idea if it has a name other than Xi bus stop. There is no direct connection from the airport to Sami so you have to go to Argostoli first and get the bus to Sami from there. To travel by train from Argostoli to Athens in Greece, please read the following information and blog posts. Consider tipping your Greek driver, if you feel like they have provided a good service.

There are many taxis in Kefalonia, with most of them located at the airport, ports and in the most central locations such as Argostoli, Lixouri and Sami. Keep in mind that Kefalonia is a fairly large island, so the distances between its regions are correspondingly long. If you want to get from one end of the island to the other, a taxi may not be able to handle your request. A car or a motorbike allows you to access all areas of the island at any time, without being dependent on bus routes. If you have not brought your vehicle to Kefalonia, consider renting a car for your transfer and excursions. It is recommended that you book your vehicle in advance as demand increases during the summer.

The local bus schedule for Kefalonia is issued only until the first of May. Nearer to your stay on the island, have a look at the KTEL Kefalonia website for the new local bus schedules. Beginning of May the bus schedules for the public busses are still quite basic .

Public transportation is the most low-cost option to move around in Kefalonia. The central bus station is located in argostoli bus timetable, but there are also stations in Sami, Poros and Lixouri. Itineraries are frequent, but additional routes are added to the timetables during the high season. The routes serve a large part of the island and so several areas can be reached via a public bus, including the infamous Fiscardo and Myrtos.

You will find current times and prices at the boat on the northern part of the waterfront in Argostoli. Click on the Bus route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules. Flight time approximately 1 hour and in high season there are 2 flights per day. you could check here for more info

Car hire can be arrange for collection from the airport to save on taxi fares. Here are a couple of links that have bases all over the island including the airport, Lixouri and Skala. There are plenty of nice places to eat here as well as a beautiful beach and a gorgeous bay.

Spend a morning or afternoon exploring the village and enjoying a meal or a coffee near the coast. There are also several beaches near Svaronata and we spent some time relaxing on Ammes Beach. As this is so close to Argolstoli airport, it is a perfect place to spend time before a later flight. From Argostoli, you can take a ferry to the town of Lixouri. Just across the water, this town offers nice beaches, fewer crowds and slightly lower prices than Argostoli.

Hi Michelle, you can find the bus times back to Argostoli on the right hand side of each schedule under “Return”. Is there a summer timetable available for buses from Katelios to Skala. We highly recommend to check through the competent office before leaving. There are daily trips from Zakynthos to Athens , Patras and Salonika by bus with the company KTEL. From Italy, with departures from the harbours of Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi, you can reach Patras by ferryboat. There are also flights connecting Zakynthos to Kefalonia, Corfu, Preveza and other towns in Greece with Skyexpress.

Throughout all the villages on the island, there are little bus stop signs . The easiest way to get from Kefalonia Airport to Skala is by opting for a Kefalonia taxi. Unless there is heavy traffic, which is rare, the total travel time by taxi or private transfer is estimated at around 35 minutes to cover the distance of 30 kilometres. The minimum tariff you can pay for this ride is approximately €35.

As soon as you arrive at the airport you will be greeted by your driver. He will be waiting for you at the terminal of your arrival with a sign that has your name on it. Your driver will help you out with your luggage and together you will make your way to the vehicle. While he is driving you to your accommodation, the driver can give you some tips and recommendations on what to do during your holidays in Kefalonia. No need to worry about miscommunication issues that you may face with the local taxi drivers regarding your destination. The Argostoli KTEL bus station was very bad for getting information, even on days that did have buses.


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