Ink Landscape Abstract Art Paintings for sale

Comparable to the Taoist sign of yin and yang. Abstract vector background with spray paint texture. Set of black and white backgrounds with dust explosion and… Abstract Painting – choose from – mounted on black or white 5x5inch blank card or 8x8inch mount. The poster is printed with a white border that nicely frames the design.

Born in China 1977, Liu Xuan Qigraduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology press printing and Institute of art and design, in 1999. We’ve shipped millions of items worldwide for our 1+ million artists. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Rainbow creative horizontal banner from paint splashes. Design element in abstract ink art. Blue brush stroke and line frame with copy space vector…

In Korean language, the words forming “Moonassi” primarily came from two characters “Moon” meaning emptiness or void, and “Na” meaning ego or the conscious “I”. Together, the word “Moonassi” represents an empty ego that has the limitless ability to contain anything and anyone’s mind. Hand painted watercolor texture. Abstract blue and lilac color splash on white background. Three blue banners with abstract alcohole ink painting on white…

Details were added with evaporated ink, Spectrum Noir® market and sepia Micron pens. Gentle cleaning with a white cotton towel that is moist but not overly humid will work wonders for non-water-based paint. A water stain could result if you moisten the exposed paper without paint. Use a microfiber towel to frequently wipe the dust off of your artwork. Never clean the artwork with chemicals of any kind. You should routinely check your artwork for moisture damage.

We maintained to deliver high quality products at best prices. The cosmopolitan diaspora artist Lee Chun-yi moved to Hong Kong as a youth, pursued graduate studies in the United States, and returned to Taiwan to embark on an artistic career. With a revolutionary method departing from the conventional use of a paintbrush, Lee Chun-Yi employs calligraphy through the use of Chinese seals and ink rubbings. He carves Chinese characters into pieces of softwood to form chops, then stamps them repetitively on the paper to form a semi-photographic image. Literally building up a visual composition through words, his paintings function as symbolic poems, with the strength of the stamp indicating the intended tone of expression. Suisen says she can feel a lot of energy from ancient characters that imply the meaning of life, nature, and people’s feeling in ancient times.

You’ve probably seen this effect in paintings of flowers and water, or just abstract alcohol ink art. We’ve compiled a few video tutorials on how to create lines and ripples with alcohol ink. All it takes is alcohol ink, isopropyl alcohol, a hairdryer, and practice. Following her instincts about the fascinating medium, Yeo Shih Yun decided to explore ink painting further at the San Francisco Art Institute. Using a monochromatic palette and a range of different paintbrushes, she experimented with several techniques.

This collection of intuitive paintings consists of originals as well as fine art prints. Each piece combines modernity with tradition through the juxtaposition of a contemporary, abstract painting style and the organicity of handmade, traditional Japanese Washi Paper. Available in different types of paper and formats. For more specific information, please refer to the specific item’s page. Paint brush strokes and grunge stains isolated on white background. Black vector design elements for paintbrush texture, frame, background, banner or text box.

The motif of the stone as the exemplar of monumentality in Chinese ink painting traditions is deconstructed and laid bare as ruins for us to explore. Frozen water surface with white snow effect. Fractured crystal ice rock abstract design. Have you tried using alcohol ink on a gel plate yet?

He moved to Hong Kong in 1995 and had several international exhibitions in Tokyo, Singapore, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and China before returning to Beijing in 2002. Black watercolor abstract with splashes on white watercolor paper. Pale grey and gold stone marble texture with glowing lights…. Ensō character in black and white, a circular brushstroke used in Japanese calligraphy. It represents the state of mind at the moment of creation and symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void.


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