Visiting the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island

We would also suggest that you try and visit as early in the day as possible. Maximize your time in the region and discover 5 of Split’s surrounding islands with 7 destinations in just 1 day, on a round-trip tour from Split. Along the way, discover the iconic Blue Cave, relax on the secluded Stiniva Beach, and swim or snorkel in the waters of Rukavac Bay, transferring between islands with ease via speedboat.

Based on his suggestion, an artificial entrance large enough for small boats was built in 1884. It was a clear sunny day in June but luckily, we didn’t have to wait at all and could immediately board the official Blue Cave boat. By the time, we came back like after 15 minutes, the queue started building up so yes It can get crowded in the peak months of June, July, and August. Our Airbnb host called a local tour operator and arranged a speedboat tour to Blue Cave Croatia. Over a period of time, the ocean waves eroded the limestone rock to form the Blue Cave. The cave is pretty tiny with a narrow entrance (1.5 m high and 2.5 m wide).

This option is less convenient because of the limited schedule. This 7-day sailing itinerary includes stops at the Blue Cave and the islands of Vis, Korčula, Hvar, and Brač. A tour that includes wind jackets will mean you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable, and you’ll have more room in your own backpack too. Other considerations include hotel pickup and drop-off, the entrance fee to the Blue Cave, and the proper insurance, which is an absolute must.

There are going to be other people in your boat and in others also wanting to take pictures of the cave. Be courteous and adapt to the shooting situation as best as you can. Thirdly, the boat is also constantly moving so it is difficult to get situated at the perfect angle you want to shoot at. Moreover, you’ll probably have to shoot at a slow shutter speed because of the lack of light and the moving of the boat increases the chance of parts of your photo being blurry.

Choose between an economy or premium boat depending on your budget and benefit from the undivided attention of your captain and crew. Plus, you’ll be able to create an itinerary that covers only the natural attractions that you want to see. Cycling is one of the best ways to see the island of Vis and experience it with all your senses. We recommend visiting all the towns and villages you can because this will introduce you to a rich surplus of culture, tradition and gastronomy.

This 16th-century fortress offers incredible views not just over the picturesque Hvar town, but also of the Pakleni islands in the distance. The cove is surrounded by two high cliffs with just a narrow opening to the sea. It’s a secluded and somewhat hidden beach, a perfect place to go swimming or snorkeling. We visited the Blue Cave on a rather gloomy morning in April and it was simply amazing.


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