The Impacts Of Social Media On Cryptocurrency Performance

And AGORA, as a means to redress global inequality in access to knowledge. Greater access, participation, and collaboration—get applied in practice. Of participation enjoys broad support in both IS and development studies. UBS has been the eye of the storm in the ongoing taxation conflict between Switzerland and other countries, most notably the United States–more on that in another demotix blog Many Swiss resent the fact that Swiss banks are cooperating with the US government to prosecute large-scale tax evaders and thus, in their view, are selling out the Swiss bank secret–this also will merit another blog entry. UBS increasingly sees the Swiss bank secret as a PR debacle that is bad for prestige and business.

Authorities said they found hundreds of pages of what they considered to be anti-state material on Dinh’s seized laptop computer, including entries that rejected the ruling Communist Party and questioned the ethics of state founder Ho Chi Minh, according to a Voice of America report. Dinh, a former schoolteacher and blogger, was held in pre-trial detention for 10 months while state investigators prepared their case against him. He was charged with violating the criminal code’s Article 88, a vague provision that bans “propagandizing” against the state. On August 8, 2012, he was sentenced in a one-day trial to six years in prison by a Dak Nong provincial court. Months before his arrest, Son had posted a number of entries on his personal blog about anti-China protests and territorial disputes with China.

During 2011 the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education released a set of comprehensive country studies of use of OER in non-English-speaking nations. As with many other open materials, the business models for sustainability or for making a profit for these courses or organizations are not yet clear. The current sources of income include contributions of the universities, private donors, and of foundations in the MIT-Harvard-Berkeley model and venture capital in Coursera.

The network’s footage has been used by international news organizations such as Al-Jazeera and the BBC. Authorities raided the offices of the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression in Damascus and arrested several journalists and press freedom activists. Among those still being held in late 2013 were the center’s president, Darwish, the prominent blogger Ghrer, and al-Zitani, another journalist for the center.

It is much harder to grasp the opportunity costs of a complex patent regime, the unrealized potential of drugs that are not being developed when barriers to innovation are high, or the potential inhibiting effect on innovation of relaxing IP protection. By globalizing information, the Internet of Things and peer production of information offer an opportunity to empower individuals and communities throughout the world. Transnational corporations would no longer be able to conceal poor production practices and exploitative labor conditions behind the veils of distance that have for so long separated the sites of production and consumption. As Web Squared and the Internet of Things alter the opacity of distance, and as knowledge about sweatshops, child labor, exploitation, and environmental damage becomes widely accessible on a computer or mobile phone, we will see openings for radical shifts in the possibilities for development.


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